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Hi there and thanks for coming to my site! My name is Jenn Mallow and I consider myself an intuitive abstract artist. If I had to describe my style of painting in one sentence I would say ..."my works are eclectic and kind of chaotic but super bright- kinda like me! " Lol I love the added depth and dimension I get by adding black light and UV reactive bright paint. What sets me apart from other artists is the lifelike quality of my landscapes, the way my cities come to life at night under UV light. Skyscraper have intermittent light coming from.the windows, reflecting on puddles of rain on city roads and sidewalks below. Little "pop" of light everywhere. 

Some of my more contemporary abstract work features layers of paint that for flowers or butterfly wings. Layers that can only be seen during the dark evening hours with the addition of UV LED light. Complete different vibe and feel. 

My painting are directly from my vision and emotions at the time I'm working. For me it's about following my gut and letting go of fear and allowing myself to express my vision in the way I feel it. 

I am beyond blessed to be able to share that emotion with all of you. I hope you enjoy my art! 

Be blessed,

Jenn Mallow 

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